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Squeake Craft


SqueakeCraft - Limitless adventure awaits!This game is inspired by Minecraft as well as it's inspirations of infiniminer and DwarfFortress*** SPECIAL NOTICE: ***After 1 million+ downloads banner ads will be removed!Tell your friends and rate Squeake Craft highly!******************************
►Dig into the earth!►Build your base!►Craft hundreds of weapons, armor, tools and blocks!►Survive the depths of your mines as well as the creatures that hunt in the night!
Features:►Realistic Lighting►Redstone circuitry►Singleplayer & Multiplayer gameplay►Flight!►Many creatures to meet, and fight►Tons of materials to collect and build with►Nearly infinite world to explore!►Creative Mode!►Cute theme(default)
Differences:Squeake Craft:►Free Forever, Ad supported so if you see something you like feel free to give it a poke.
Squeake Craft PLUS:►NO ADS!►Encourage more Updates!
Instructions/FAQs:►Place block: single-tap►Mine/Chop/Dig/Attack block: long-tap(tap-hold)
Inventory:►Pick up stack: tap stack►Place stack: tap empty slot After holding another stack►Split stacks: tap stack, hold 1 finger down outside of inventory screen and tap a second finger on the slot you wish to place the first half in.►Drop single item in slot: tap and hold stack of item, slide finger over slot you wish to place 1 item in and tap second finger anywhere on screen to 'drop' one of the stack in place.
Don't forget to rate the game! If you love it show it with stars! If you hate it let me know by email so I can fix issues you may have.
NOTE: Try this free version of Squeake Craft in order to test compatability before purchasing Squeake Craft PLUS to remove all ads and encourage updates :)

Based on the Open Source(LGPL) Minetest Engine( Craft ( information available upon request as well.